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_DSC3895_1965x1104_smallThis time completely offline. Yeah, it has been Show time again. This year back in Riesa, the home of Show Dance World Champs hosting the 2015 Show Dance World Championship.

As mentioned last year, I have lost the direct contact to the events, but I still follow as much as possible and available. And as I was just thinking to completely stop talking about these past beautiful times, I decided to pursue what I have started back in 2012. I mean I still wanna know for me. So why not publish it here.

Again a disclaimer – The source of the data is publicly available data from IDO. There might by some errors of which I do not currently know, so please do drop me a note in order to allocate and correct it. In case you would like to use the article or parts of it, please also do drop me a note below. I would be glad.

The following table presents the number of participants for each year starting as of 2007 till the latest championship. I hoped to get also historical data before 2007, but unfortunately I was not successful till now. Would be nice to get some data from some source to complete all historical championships.

Solos are divided by female and male contestants and by age groups. Small groups and formations ordered by age groups.

Riesa 2015 Number of participants

Here are some tables showing the No. of dancers per country for all 4 different categories:


Riesa 2015 No. of dancers per country - solo


Riesa 2015 No. of dancers per country - duos

Small groups:

Riesa 2015 No. of dancers per country - small groups


Riesa 2015 No. of dancers per country - formations

And who are the most successful dancing nations during those past 9 years?

Click to enlarge:


Comparing the historical data the STAR country of each year was as follows:

Riesa 2015 STARS

To have an overview of the medal winners by category and age over those 9 years I prepared these grouped standings to gather those most prestigious rankings in one place and to enable an easy view. At the end of this post I will add later those tables as a pdf doc.

Click to enlarge:

Formations adults


Formations juniors


Formations children


Small groups adults


Small groups juniors


Small groups children


Duos adults / mixed


Duos adults


Duos juniors


Duos children


Male solo adults


Male solo juniors


Male solo children


Female solo adults


Female solo juniors


Female solo children


And finally I was interested to make a Top 30 Show Dancers ranking considering championships from 2007 till 2014. To build up a ranking I have used weights (ponders) giving for the 1st place 15 points, 2nd place 10, 3rd place 8, 4th place 5, 5th place 3 and for the 6th place 1 point. Rankings lower then 6th would not get any points. According to this system the ranking of Top 30 Show dancers between 2007 and 2015 (with added compare to last years standing) are:


From the TOP 30 Best IDO World Championship Show Dancers the following dancers dropped out of the TOP 30

Tsander Milena Russian Federation
Hutchinson Robert Canada
Bajic Dejana Montenegro
Rubb Toby Canada
Krivorutchko Valeriya Russian Federation
Kartnes Bjerkli Kirsten Marie Norway
Memagic Irma Bosnia & Herzegovina
Kulikova Svetlana Russian Federation
Scarrow Jodie Canada
Groenewald Chanté South Africa
Kononova Irina Russian Federation
Lesniak Shawn United States
Pajmon Sabina Slovenia
Bódi Bianka Hungary
Levchenko Elizaveta Russian Federation

In case you find some kind of mistake or suggestion you can contact me: