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I have visited today the International Car Exhibition in Frankfurt who is the host of the IAA every 2 years. This has been the third time and I became very experienced in the sense where to find which brand and got around pretty fast. Still it took me some 6 hours which I have spent among thousands of spectators and visitors. I admit that in some moments I almost desperately wanted to get our of the crowd as it became very uncomfortable finding your space.

Anyway, that’s what car lovers want. And are prepared to get into some squeezing to see, hear, touch and smell the amazing design and technology which car makers have on offer for 2015 and the future.

This year its all about Luxury! Bigger, more techy, more leather, more, more, more….

And the my personal winner is: Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes released a whole fleet of SUV of every model of their street range. And all of them have built in Mercedes GL gene. They are big, strong and look they might run forever.

And then there is a huge offering of street models, where I would pick the new C Coupe and off course the whole S line, especially the S Coupe. Its just incredible what a man can design and build.

I was lucky and got into a small group who had the chance to talk to the lead engine engenir who is responsible for the new generation of Mercedes engines. I loved to see that this a man who even would built with his bare hands on some piece of engine in his own garage if he would now have this responsible role in Mercedes.

BMW has put the main attention to its new 7 series limousine. In my earlier days this series would be called business class. Well nowadays this has nothing to do with today’s business reflection where managers kind a seek of max saving possibilities and share most of the time in open spaces. The 7 series is pure luxury with lot of gadgets. Surely one of the main important parts of the package are the huge, but hybrid engines. The car is extremely long and offers a lot of space especially at the rear where the tired passenger gets actually into a lounge. Massage seats, leg rest, screen key, remote parking via mobile phone, built in automated air fresheners. remote check of the car status,…

BMW has released also the new X1 which finally looks like an SUV, much closer now to the X3.

Further I would like to mention the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Just love the design who reminds me to the old Alfa 33 which I liked so much earlier. Pure road sport.

Then there were Brabus and Mansory who are able to upgrade amazing cars to be even more amazing.

Range Rover has a much easier possition now. They are surelly leader in SUV segment, and as all other car makers possition their selves into this segment, people are more willing to buy such a car. Even the german police cant reject it (look in the gallery below).

Well I need to admit, that also myself got into a relation with an SUV, so as I am still waiting for my car to arrive I had checked all the pretty little details today.

At the stand of the world best exhaust producer Akrapovič  from a small country Slovenia I was so delighted to have a chat with my landsman.

Mainly all car makers have shown a lot. A lot of car, but also a lot of money. I am hearing that todays youth is not interested in purchasing a car in their future life. This reminds me, that maybe tha will be the future. Mass cars for mass of the people, but Luxurious for those will want to own one and will be able to afford it.

I thing that this is enough of talking and I invite you to check out the gallery to get an impression of what me and my camera have experienced today.