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Erdgas Arena RiesaIn July this year I have published a similar post considering data between 2007 and 2012. As we had already the 2013 championship I thought it might be interesting an worth updating it with 2013 data.

As stated I find the IDO Show Dance World Championship in Riesa as a very special event and place to be. Next year the championship is moving to the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic and I hope I will have an opportunity to visit it.

I have consolidated a little bit available figures and came to some new updated information which hopefully offer a different perspective on the championship itself.

The source of the data is publicly available data from IDO. There might by some errors of which I do not currently know, so please do drop me a note in order to allocate and correct it. In case you would like to use the article or parts of it, please also do drop me a note below. I would be glad.

The following table presents the number of participants for each year starting as of 2007 till the latest championship. I hoped to get also historical data before 2007, but unfortunately I was not successful till now. Would be nice to get some data from some source to complete all historical championships.

Solos are divided by female and male contestants and by age groups. Small groups and formations ordered by age groups.

There were far more female then male solo dancers. Throughout those 7 years on average the ratio is around 73% female vs. 26% male. The lowest ratio for male dancers was in year 2012 where only 23% were male – whereas this year it was still under the average with 26.32% due to an increase of the female contestants. In July I projected a further fall, but this has not proven as countries found more male dancers in the children and junior category where the portion increased from 18% to 22% (children) and from 15% to 25% (junior).  I have already described once in one of my earlier posts how much more interesting I can find duos and groups with a male dancer, as I can imagine that also the choreographer has much more choice with lifts and strength parts. IDO has therefore introduced a new category with either mixed or male duos, which I find as a huge increase in quality.

Although this year was a record year considering the count of dancers, there where several star dancers from previous years missing and could not defend their position in the Show Dance world. I could not find out the reason and would not like to make conclusion  on some assumptions. There can be numerous reasons, like change of the dance style (still moving to modern and Hip Hop), financial reasons, injuries, education, etc. To keep a longer stay of these great dancers some incentives should be established which would help and motivate the development of this art sport.

All in all there were 1307 ( till 2012 1098) solo dancers in 7 years from an average of 24 different countries. This year they came from 30 countries. Incredible number!

There were 731 (till 2012 609) duos (1462 dancers) where a lot of them are competing also in solos. So the approximate total No. of unique dancers from solos and duos would be around 1455.

And then there are Small Groups and Formations where I could not calculate some exact figure as no such data is available, but a rough estimation would be that 610 small groups with average of 6 dancers and 482 formations with an average of 20 dancers would make another 13.300 dancers. So together roughly 14.700 dancers. All this in 7 years. This brings a complete new view thinking of the organisation which needs to be put in place. And believe me, it’s one of the fines I have saw. Thanks again to Mr. Michael Wendt and his team from EwendtS – Wendt GmbH.

Number of participants

Among these there are only 3 dancers left which I can find attending on all championships – so all 7 years in a row:

  • in the solo category
Moskvitinova Natalie Czech Republic
Larsen Victoria Norway
Versfeld Coralle South Africa
  • and none anymore in the duo category:

Let me return to individual dancers later and let us take a look from a view point of nations competing in all those years.

We can find 33 different nations competing with at least one dancer. On average there are some 23 countries attending each year – this year 30. Here are some tables showing the No. of dancers per country for all 4 different categories:





Small groups:

small groups



And who are the most successful dancing nations during those past 7 years?

All together there were 322 medals handed over to the best dancers in IDO Show Dance world. An exemption was 2008 where there were 2 bronze medals handed over and this year due to the new adults mixed/male duos one more set.

By sorting those medals by color, we have still a tight lead of Slovenia before the Russian Federation, following with South Africa and Italy.

Looking at the this years happening there are several countries which have taken the speed up and are on the way to become more in line with those two “Super – countries” Slovenians and Russians. Especially SA is coming strong and has taken over the primate for the second year in the row.

Click to enlarge:


Comparing the historical data the STAR country of each year was as follows:


When I was gathering, sorting and analyzing the data I have followed those dancers through over those years. Many of them were constantly appearing. So admiring their inner motivation to work hard to qualify on each country nationals in order to qualify to Riesa. And not just that. Some of them also constantly achieved high rankings. But also those dancers who were not winning medals and were placed lower, they were returning too. The true Olympic spirit, even if the medal was far away, they find every year the push and the reason why to continue.

To have an overview of the medal winners by category and age over those 7 years I prepared these grouped standings to gather those most prestigious rankings in one place and to enable an easy view. At the end of this post I will add later those tables as a pdf doc.

Click to enlarge:

Formations adults

Formations adults

Formations juniors

Formations junior

Formations children

Formations children

Small groups adults

SG adults

Small groups juniors

SG Junior

Small groups children

SG children

Duos adults / mixed

Duos mixed

Duos adults

Duos adults

Duos juniors

duos junior

Duos children

duos children

Male solo adults

ms adults

Male solo juniors

ms junior

Male solo children

ms children

Female solo adults

fs adults

Female solo juniors

fs junior

Female solo children

fs children

And finally I was interested to make a Top 30 Show Dancers ranking considering championships from 2007 till 2013. To build up a ranking I have used weights (ponders) giving for the 1st place 15 points, 2nd place 10, 3rd place 8, 4th place 5, 5th place 3 and for the 6th place 1 point. Rankings lower then 6th would not get any points. According to this system the ranking of Top 30 Riesa dancers between 2007 and 2013 (with added compare to last years standing) are:

Ranking 2013

In case you find some kind of mistake or suggestion you can contact me:

Tables downloadable in pdf

Are to come…, please return later or add your email address at the top on the left side and you will be informed.

It was a peaceful end of November Tuesday morning. The darkness of the sky at 6:00 AM in Frankfurt gave me a restful start of my journey to Riesa. After picking up my car and driving towards this years Show Dance world championship the rising morning sun above the icy landscape called back my memories of the happenings of last year. I am again so lucky and proud. Lucky because I again could visit this beautiful, special event and proud to be a parent whose daughter is a part of the event and her team was doing so good. And I am always meeting so many cool people. So thanks also to my friends with whom I had a fantastic experiance.

I have already described a little bit the event itself and the town and region where this competition takes place in my last years post. So this time I will stick to the 2013 happening.

I have joined the competition on Tuesday and left Thursday after the finals of the juniors. Looking at the happening and form of the championship it was a continuation of last year. I could not actually see and feel any difference. Well, maybe I expected to feel a goodbye from Riesa as next year Prague will be the host of this Championship after a long long time of having it in Riesa.

This year a sympathy towards the Bosnian team has grown in me. I liked those people I met and the way of expressing themselves on and off the dance floor. Especially I loved to see the acts of female adults Sara Rizvić and Irma Memagić, as also Adna Kujundžić in the junior category.

We also have seen an incident from one of the Russian teams. We know from the past that Russian way of discipline and coaching is a strict and hard. But it should never go over the edge using physical violence. So the incident happened when a Russian coach hit his junior dancer not obeying his directions. With this in my mind I saw the Russian performance from a different point of view. Surely there must be discipline and order, but the way how to enforce this humanity must be followed. There is no way or reason to let this happen or to judge its necessity.

In the children competition Anna Volkova has again shown a fabulous performance. So young and with so much grace, determination, technique. I am pretty sure that this young lady will be leading the female show dance happening in the coming years. Of course if she continues from here. She might become the next Arnika Matko Juvančič who has won the junior female solo category. Now, I must say that this lady is really something special. Here dance is here trade mark, she has something which is her own and recognizable in a second. Here expression on the face tells the story and she has the ability to bring the feeling over to the spectator. Although not a pro, I have seen in my life so many acts and somehow I can feel if the technique is feeling right. And here it surely feels right. Moves are exact, rich and in the same moment so simple and smooth. But there is one more thing which makes her so great. Its here attitude. Bright, positive, friendly. She loves dancing and the dance loves here. She might become a face of Show dancing as she is highly respected and loved also by other dancers no mater which country they come from. The sympathy is there on the dance floor as also backstage. My congrats to you Arnika.

Italy is continuing with strong male dancers. They send to Riesa 2 winners in the children as also in the junior category. Marek Pisanu won the children title and is following his older colleague Marco Marongiu the winner of the junior category. At the time of writing this post Edoardo Ciollli is still waiting to compete in the adults finals, but he is already today a legend. And from what I saw in the qualifications he and another Italian Antonio Sisca will do good. Although he did not qualify for the finals I like very much another Italian Omar Calvo performing “Sarajevo 1994”. Way to go Italy.

Anna Volkova and Daria Belova from Russia have won the children duos, whereas Gibraltar has won the junior duo category with Sarahanne Maclaren and Bella Gomez.

In the junior small groups the best acts of the evening in my eyes were the Russian Papa which took 3rd place and the Slovenian small groups Wallpaper and My Dairy My Journey (place 7 and 6). In the junior formations I loved the Europian Union by the Slovenian National team (place 6) and the Russian Interaction (place 4). Both real eye catchers and feeling movers.

This year we didn’t have a clear star country at least before the adults competitions. It was a mix of great acts from all over the world. I have noted a very good improvement of Gibraltar and Norway. These two countries were a long time somewhere in the middle but succeeded with a break-throw.

Well to be fair, there is a star. A star who was a star before and this year he just verified his superiority. And that is Mitja Popovski the coach of the Slovenians and South Africans. His dancers again showed great acts and brought home some cups and medals. Slovenian children small group Witches won this category and so proved, that this small country is still one of the leading countries considering dancing. South Africa won the juniors small group category and also the junior formations. The Czechs took 1st and 2nd place in the children formations.

Azerbaijan is a new country, but actually from many announced competitors I have seen just the male adult solo by Ruslan Eyvazov.

Again had a great time, a lot of new inspiration for my life and work. Hope to keep those memories for a long time and if lucky i might visit Prague in a year.

Thank you dancers…

Wrap up of the children and junior results (I might be adding the adults later):

Solos female Children
1 Anna Volkova – Dancetitle: / A girl’s dream Russian Federation
2 Neja Horvat – Dancetitle: / I’m waiting for her Slovenia
3 Elena Pejic – Dancetitle: / Don`t rain on my parade Serbia

Solos female Juniors
1 Arnika Matko Juvancic – Dancetitle: / Good intentions Slovenia
2 Sarah Elisio – Dancetitle: / In the garden of Eden Canada
3 Micaela Todd – Dancetitle: / Save The Rhino South Africa

Solos male Children
1 Marek Pisanu – Dancetitle: / Skeleton Italy
2 Leon Strach – Dancetitle: / Do you remember Elvis Germany
3 Tomas Opic – Dancetitle: / I Like The Old Fashioned Way Czech Republic

Solos male Juniors
1 Marco Marongiu – Dancetitle: / Zeus Italy
2 Roman Belov – Dancetitle: / Tornado Russian Federation
3 Yannick Schmiedt – Dancetitle: / Time Germany

Duos Children
1 Daria Belova / Anna Volkova – Dancetitle: / Rivals Russian Federation
2 Neli Crnkovic / Brigita Krasovec – Dancetitle: / Golden egg Slovenia
3 Luca Lipovics / Tímea Mihalicz – Dancetitle: / The treasure hunt Hungary

Small groups Children
1 Witches – Slovenian national team – Dancetitle: / Witches Slovenia
2 S.K. Smallies – Dancetitle: Fire Brigade / Fire Brigade Germany
3 Halo, Halo – Dancetitle: / Just play Slovak Republic

Small groups Juniors
1 At the Gallery – Dancetitle: / At the Gallery South Africa
2 Sparkle Dance Team – Dancetitle: / Sherlock Holmes Norway
3 STYLE – MARIDANS – Dancetitle: / Papa Russian Federation

Formations Children
1 AKCENT OSTRAVA – Dancetitle: / Salon Of Cruela De Vil Czech Republic
2 R.A.K. BEROUN -IN MEXICO- – Dancetitle: / In Mexico Czech Republic
3 DanceChaos – Dancetitle: / Mice’s studio Russian Federation

Formations Juniors
1 AT THE BOWLING ALLEY – Dancetitle: / At The Bowling Alley South Africa
2 Tandem – Dancetitle: / Unreal Life Russian Federation
3 AKCENT OSTRAVA – Dancetitle: / Survival Law Czech Republic

And of course I have again done tons of photo material. Some I am sharing here with you to have some insights and  memories. Due to a high volume which I do not want to reduce further please wait for the pics to load. Hope you like it and you find yourself somewhere. If you want a larger resolution, just contact me. Will be glad to give it to you.