As the initial main page where I tried to describe and show my view from the championship is allready having some longer response needed cause I uploaded so much photo material, I am dedicating this post to show you some acts by slovenian dancers. Please treat them as small impressions as the organiser is offering wonderful profesional DVD from the championship wich are available on their web page. For photo material please visit my initial post (click here)

Teeth – Team Slovenia – Small groups Junior

Final Round – Team Slovenia – Formations Junior

Tian Čehič Ramčilovič – Slovenia – Male Solo Junior

Jerca Bužga – Slovenia – Solo female children

Final Round – announcement qualified

Final Round – announcement finals

Final Round – final ranking

Ludo – Team Slovenia – Formations Junior

Staša Tušar – Slovenia – Solo female junior

Arnika Matko Juvančič – Slovenia – Solo femalce junior

Patricija Crnkovič – Slovenia – Solo female junior

Power of Elves – Team Slovenia – Formation Junior

Walk of nations 2012 – Juniors

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