IDO Jazz and Modern Dance World championship Frankfurt 2012

Posted: 07/10/2012 in Dancing, Mnenja, Na poti, Photography
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Yesterday I have visited the Jazz and Modern World Championship competition in the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt.

I am so sorry not to be able to visit all the other days, but due to missing time its just not possible. Not to mention the totally exaggerated  entrance fee of 40 EUR for the main seat.

The competition is held on 2 stages. The center A stage is a great place. Its big and the dance floor is highly loved by the competitors. The sound system is as usual professional and extreme good quality, so the effect of hair-raising can be achieved. Spectators have a great view on the stage, so its not needed to buy higher priced tickets, as also cheaper offer a great show for dance lovers.

The B stage is actually a larger room. There is maybe place for some 50 spectators if the squeeze in. Unfortunately I didn’t make it. It was just to crowded, as competitors tried to get on the stage even if they had a separate path. Well there is a live video broadcast, so being in the center stage you could also get a feeling about what’s going on in the small hall.

And what a show it was.

I had yesterday a long day there, but have enjoyed every minute of it. Dancers were performing unseen acts, where also some judges and trainers admitted that this was the best championship till now concerning the dancing acts.

I would choose among all the different categories especially the modern adult formations, female adult solos and jazz adult duos as the most attractive acts of the day. Well also the fantastic win of the US dancer Joshua Charis Loving Bergner before the young Canadian Zack Preece where the whole stadium was on their feet in the category junior male solo modern was a great thing to see.

In the Jazz Adult Duos we saw a a fast and energetic performance of Katrin Cvinerova and Marco Behal with the fast track I drove all night. Martina and Andrea Carozzi placed on 2nd place and the Slovenian couple Tina Turk and Matej Vousek on 3rd place. They have one thing in common. A male dancer – it brings the something extra. Far more strong and difficult lifts are possible and the female dancer is looking even more feminine with a men on her side. It’s just a perfect match. I should actually probably not say this, but seeing acts on the stage, with a male dancer it made a difference.

Among the 17 female solo adult modern which competed in the semifinals, there were at least 10 which would equally deserve the win. So a good eye and competence of the judges was needed to find those small differences which would create the final rank. Slovenia has again shown to the dancing world that they are a world leader in modern dances (don’t forget all the great acts also in HipHop, Street, Show dance). Although the country has just 2 MIO people, they are constant in creating new and new champions. And so it happened also this year in this category where the world champion became Petra Zupancic and the bronze medal went to her team mate Klara Lainscek. Well I am Slovenian, that has to be very clear. Because I would choose as a winner also the silver medalist Samantha Sadler from USA and the great performance of the polish Joanna Sokol.  I am sorry not to mention all the other great acts, but a men has to choose somehow.

The main act of the evening was surely the Modern Adult Formations. It caused some Goosebumps.

It was a perfect stage for teams having also more the 20 dancers. There was enough place and with a full stadium which has filled till these performances and was just great to be there and to see what modern dance has to offer in the best category age group.

It was also a tough one, as there were several teams good enough for the win. One German dancer who didn’t made it to the finals was sad and I can understand this as this is the time and place to succeed after all those long hours in the training which is not seen by anybody. They felt it as a failure. But I just told them how much I liked their act and that it was beautiful although it was not enough for the finals. She understood that it is not just the result what matters, but mainly to be satisfied by yourself and the people looking at the their performance. I would give this a medal if I could. I just hope she will stick to her plan and continue. Next year there is a new championship and a new chance for the title.

Well, another German team made it to the podium.  Autress Choses Modern have won the bronze medal with a great and difficult act. Strong male performers and very precise dancing with a touch of Orwell feeling was enough for 3rd place. Second place went to the Czech act Radost Impuls. The story of two girls presenting bad and good or maybe the fatal women vs. your loving girlfriend with a great “disguise” trick and moves which forced the eye to follow where the choreograph wanted. Loved it.

The best act of the evening was performed of the great dance team of Caro Dance. This club has one of the finest dancers at this moment also performing well in other categories. They have a certain brand. I have seen dancers from the club also in Show dance last year as also 3 years ago and could immediately recognize this team. This was my first modern show but still I felt familiar with the style.

A difficult precise act with a sent of acting, those face expressions gave a clear but also confusing message. They wanted to create a shock. And for my taste they did it fantastic. I look forwarded to see what this team can produce in the future.

It was a great day and I am a little bit sorry that the championship will again be next year in Mikolajki in Poland. That is too far for me.

The organization is as usually very good, so the flow of the competition came ahead with no delays.

Maybe one more observation concerning the choice of music. It seems that dub-step has found a way to the modern scene. The rhythm is just perfect for coloring the show.

Nina Tovornik – Modern Adult Solo:

But there are 2 or 3 things which I would criticize.

First I already mentioned the entry tickets. 40 EUR is far to much, especially as the main number of spectators are parents, family and close friends. They pay a lot already during the year and when they achieve a goal to be qualified in their nationals the are hit with those prices. Yes there were also cheaper tickets at 30 EUR, but when you are forced to choose via the Internet shop offer you might not take a chance of getting bad seats. You just don’t know, so you pay. For comparing – Riesa Show dance = 8,5 EUR.

Second thing is the food court in the lobby. People, those sausages and Chili con Carne smelt in the whole stadium all day long. It was just too much. Food is needed, but there must be another solution.

Third thing is kind of my own. I have asked the organizations a few day before of my visit for an accreditation to shoot some nice pics. These guys wouldn’t even reply to my email, so I was pretty pissed about this. So I just decided not to take my camera with me. And now I am sorry I didn’t, because I could do some real nice shoots accompanying this short article. As always pictures tell more the words. I would expect at least some reply, but getting nothing left a small bad taste and a whole in my personal collection of great dancing moments.

Good luck to all dancers in your future performances and thank you IDO to keep moving and organizing this so important part of many lives.

  1. b.guzdkova pravi:

    Thanks for your good insights! 🙂 B.G. (Radost and Impuls dance company, CZ)

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