DB – Deutsche Bahn! Go F… yourself!

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This is an AMP (Anger Management Post) and is written in English, hoping to reach that way a larger audience of people traveling to Frankfurt am Main!

I am pissed of at the Deutsche Bahn in Frankfurt am Main – S Bahn.

It s a really short story and its purpose is:

  • To tell the whole world that the Deutsche Bahn stands for ripping people off
  • To explain why a newbie in Frankfurt is not treated fairly by the Frankfurt S public transportation
  • To clearly say the Deutsche Bahn procedures are misleading and do not work at all (as German bureaucracy used to work), as they were pushing me from place to place, which resulted in nothing but lost time, money & nerves
  • To warn all travelers to Frankfurt to stay alert at all times
  • To tell to the Deutsche Bahn what I thing of them
  • To let it all out and to make finally peace with myself

And that’s my story!

After using the Frankfurt subway for a couple of weeks I finally had a feeling that I had it, that I can’t get wrong. What a MISTAKE!

I have a valid monthly train ticket (Monatskarte).

With my Ipod in my ears, returning tired to home from my job, I have entered the WRONG S Bahn line at the station Ostendstraße. I should enter in any train between S3 to S6. Well, I entered into a S1. I have noticed my mistake immediately after the train left the Hauptbahnhof station, since my next stop would be my end station. Ok, no problem I thought, the next station down and with the first train back. I won’t lose more than 20 minutes. And so I did. Actually, when I jumped off the train I already saw the returning train coming in. I have run to the opposite side of the station to catch it. I had to run down the steps into an underground tunnel and on the other side back up. The train was just to leave the station, when I managed to jump onto it. I started to sweat, but who cares. In 20 minutes I will be under my shower. When I entered the train I noticed that it is different to my trains I use. The interior was more bright, almost white and there was no one inside. Well two gentlemen. One of them came to me before I have managed to put my laptop backpack on the seat (my butt did not reached the seat yet and it never did) and asked me to show him my ticket. And I did so, since he was one of many controllers in civilian clothing. The guy explained  me that my ticket is valid only for 2nd class rides (that I was fully aware) and that I am on a first class coach (this I was not aware). I am completely honest to all of you. I DID NOT KNOW THAT I AM IN THE 1st CLASS!  I have seen the 1st class also at my trains, but there is only a very small space inside a normal coach behind a glass wall/door and there is no way you can enter into it from the outside, but in this train I stepped directly into it! Instead of instructing me to move to the appropriate coach the guy issued me immediately a fine of 40 EUR for “black” driving. He did not accept any explanation, he did not gave a shit about my reasons and situation so I just stopped talking, as it does not make really sense to lose my breath on such idiots! According to his instructions he informed me that I must pay the fine – “Knölchen” in 14 days, otherwise I will get much higher additional costs at me. But if I do not agree with this, I can go to the Deutsche Bahn Reise Zentrum, where I can file a complaint which might be accepted. I strongly believe that these controllers are paid by issued fines, since they “jumped at me” clearly because it was more than visible that I was lost.

I followed my right for an appeal and went immediately to this Reise Zentrum. I asked a Deutsche Bahn lady at the counter if I can file my complaint there and she clearly confirmed it. I pulled a waiting number from a machine  to join the queue. I was faced with the fact, that there were 57 people in ahead of me. Well, what the hack. I have my rights, and they are wrong. It’s worth to  wait, since my expected 20 minutes were already an hour away. This queue of 57 people was handled in 1 hour and 20 minutes on approx. 6 counters. Yeah, now it’s my turn. I had a lot of time to prepare my defense and try to explain in German the story. It did not came to that, since the guy at the counter advised me immediately that I have to go to an another office which is already closed for an hour. Finally I went home, 2 and a half hours later than planned and fully decided that I will not give up. Next day I left the office an hour earlier to catch the open hours of this particular office of Deutsche Bahn at the address Am Hauptbahnhof 2. I repeated my preparation of the “speech”. Yeah, you are right. Not today! Another guy explained me, that  I can file a complaint regarding the class issue only via the Deutsche Bahn online reclamation form, since they are not authorized to accept such complains.

I was  really pissed off. This can’t be true.

I was determined to go to the end of this story and finally at home filled the form and sent the complaint, I even got a return confirmation of my action. There is no way to send them a normal Email message. And calling them would cost me another 14 cents per minute, so another lost hour would result in additional 8 EUR. Probably they are so f… up with all their administration of all those penalty tickets that they can’t bread any more. I am sure that half of them are from newbies and tourist.

 And then I have waited another  2 weeks. And then came……………. NOTHING……………..! Nothing at all!

To avoid further financial debits I have paid the fine and sent one more message to the Deutsche Bahn thanking them for “their fast and kind assistance and positive experience” I have had with them.

So to all those employees of the Deutsche Bahn whose point of existence is to rip off people, to mislead them that they give up on their rights, to run electronic day procedures which result in a big NOTHING – GO F… YOURSELF. I hope that you will get fined at every mistake in a foreign city or land to the end of your miserable lives and nobody will give a sheet as you haven’t either!


And the F… is an international thing!

  1. John pravi:

    I think the Germans are always like this, very proud of themselves and fucks everybody up. I had many similar experiences with Germans like this.

    • fosfos pravi:

      Hi John, well it pissed me off totally and when I thinking back I am so clear on the fact that the whole system works like this on purpose.

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